The Earth in Motion has prominent tropical aromas with the Sauvignon Blanc contributing delicate gooseberry, exotic fruit and a hint of minerality; the Chenin Blanc provides white pear, litchi and floral notes. It is a clean, fresh wine with ample body, a succulent fruit core and generous aftertaste.


Blend Information


51% Chenin Blanc, 44% Sauvignon Blanc, 5% Semillon


In The Vineyard

Clones: SN550, SB316 
Rootstock: Mgt 101-14, Ramsey 
Age: Average 15 years 
Soil: Structured red soils with coarse gravel

About The Harvest

Harvest: Sauvignon Blanc 20 January and Chenin Blanc 17 February 2017
Yield: 8.2 ton/ha (55 hl/ha) 
Balling: 22.4° B 
pH: 3.25 - 3.38
Total acid: 5.9 - 7.0g/l 



The Sauvignon Blanc is grown on the higher lying farm, Welgegund, and the Chenin Blanc on Waveren, situated in the valley floor. The grapes were hand-picked in the early morning and force-cooled to 4 °C. They were then bunch-sorted, destemmed, partially crushed into a satellite tank and deposited into the press. The Sauvignon Blanc portion was given a cold soak of 12 hours at 8 °C. Only the free-run juice was collected and cold-settled for 48 hours to remove the lees. The clear juice was racked off the lees and inoculated with CY3079 for the Chenin Blanc and Vin 7 for the Sauvignon Blanc. The Chenin Blanc was fermented at 14 °C and the Sauvignon Blanc at 13 °C. Fermentation lasted 22 and 27 days for the respective cultivars. Both were racked off their gross lees immediately after fermentation was completed, but kept on their fine lees for three months. The fine lees was stirred weekly to promote yeast autolysis for increased complexity and body. The blend was made and the wine prepared for bottling, being both protein and cold stabilised. Bottling was done with a fine sheet filtration.

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